Quick Tip: Park the Cart!!

When an ADHD golfer is playing a practice round in cart, our impulsivity can wreak havoc on our pre shot routines. This is especially true if we are playing at a time where the course is relatively empty. The goal suddenly becomes finishing under 2.5 hours rather having anything to do with improving your game.

I prefer to walk. However, living in Florida, where most of the semi-private golf clubs only allow walking in the slower, hot afternoons of the summer months, walking may not be the best thing. It is not the heat issue for me. I am simply allergic to the random bolts of high voltage/current electricity.

The first and maybe the most important way turn the rapid round into something resembling a normal round of golf, is how we park our cart.

Simply put, if an ADHD golfer parks his cart beside the ball, we tend to grab our club and release the shot in record time. We totally abandon anything that resembles a pre shot routine. It is hard not to do this as when we step out of the cart, the first thing we look at is the ball.

There are two solutions to the above scenario:

  • You play cart path only. This is also very helpful for those who are getting older were stiffness in their legs and gore is and issue. The walk from the cart to the ball is a great way to stay loose.
  • Park the cart 15 feet behind the ball. When you park the cart in this fashion, you are far more likely to select your club and then while walking to the ball be immersed in the picture. Now your pre shot routine is there for free!

Park the Cart