ADHD Mental Saves: Self Praise

For an ADHD golfer finding joy in execution is an important part of building a reward system. Praise from other players, coaches and family members is a great way to find joy in both practice and during rounds.

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ADHD Quick Tip: STOP Emptying the Bucket

When we are at the range and our focus wanes, our ADHD brains look for other things to hold our interest.

If the bucket of balls is right in front of you and in plain sight, an ADHD golfer’s focus can shift to emptying the bucket as fast as possible.

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Money Ball Putting: The Ladder Drill

Studies have shown that those with ADHD focus best when the action plan is short, the consequence is immediate, the task is new/novel, or the reward is high. Thus, forcing enough "reps" from your ADHD youth golfer with countless drills quickly can become counter productive.

With these ADHD traits in mind we look at re-imaging the "Ladder Putting Drill"

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