ADHD Anxiety and Punitive Free Short Game Practice.

Many ADHD people have to cope with the co-morbid trait of anxiety. Dealing with ADHD and anxiety while playing the game of golf can be very tricky.

The neocortex has a huge role in where and when our anxiety surfaces. Simply put, the neocortex builds models of things in order to predict the future. The models can be nested, associated with other models, … don’t dwell on this too much, it will make your head hurt. The point is that the neocortex adds the emotional state that you are in to the models it builds.

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ADHD Play Acting: 2010 Whistling Straits

The following is a theory on how a future ADHD Bubba like golfer, might prepare to make the safe shot rewarding in a clutch moment with a major on the line.

We all playacted as kids. We played the hero hitting the walk off slam or pretended with a whiffle ball in hand that we closed the 9th to win the World Series. We’ve scored the winning goal in the World Cup Final and made a game saving glove save in a Stanley Cup game 7.

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Quick Tip: Park the Cart!!

When an ADHD golfer is playing a practice round in cart, our impulsivity can wreak havoc on our pre shot routines. This is especially true if we are playing at a time where the course is relatively empty. The goal suddenly becomes finishing under 2.5 hours rather having anything to do with improving your game.

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ADHD Mental Saves: The State You Practice In

The brain is a prediction engine. In fact, your brain is constantly scanning sensory input in order to predict the future based on past sensory experiences. Thus, the mental state you practice in will be reflected in the way you play in the future.

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