Anxiety Gone Right? In Other Sports Yes But Not in Golf. 

Many times I have described to golfers that you can play as a goalie.goalkeeper with an anxious rage and be successful but those traits don’t translate well to golf.

Consider the following scenario as an indoor soccer goalkeeper or as a goalie in ice hockey. With the rapid fire scenario of “shot save, ball loose in front save, rebound rolls out the point, Ohhhh what a save!!!”  anxiety plays a key roll in helping give you the fight or flight energy to give that second, third and forth effort. 

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Bubba, Ladder Your Way to Comfort at TPC Sawgrass

TPC Sawgrass

Last year we talked about how Bubba Watson could better visualize his shots at the Dyabolical TPC Sawgrass. However, after Tripp isenhour’s comments about what is wrong with Bubba on the golf channel made me realize that the golf media really does not get Bubba with his gifts ADHD brain.

Tripp seems to be a real good buy, but like many members in the golf industry who have little knowledge about the ADHD brain, Tripp’s diagnosis for Bubba is way off base.

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ADHD Golf: Three Steps into Mindfulness Tee Shots

Ben Driver Target Release

While working with my son, the fact that his inconsistency was caused by he mental state he was in was very apparent.

As I watched the videos I would see that when he was anxious his posture was very squatty. However when he was calm he could maintain a more upright posture. (more on how anxiety can effect posture in a later article)

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