Rant: When Calling Someone “a Natural” is a Left Handed Compliment

I am very proud of both my son Ben and the work we have done with Shawn Clement.

Sometimes I feel bad in that by throwing Ben in experiment after experiment that I have hindered his development as a golfer. However, the payoffs in what Shawn and I have learn are a fret free structured sequential progressive practice paradigm that has yielded surprise after surprise.

I am not going to lie, I love showing off the fact that Ben discovered a LH swing in just 3 days. This amazing feet was one of the surprises that made me start to rethink about how to structure a practice not only for ADHD golfers but all golfers in general. It was at this moment, when I started to turbo charge my using of the neocortical theories of Jeff Hawkins and Numenta in everything that we do.

However, when I showed this to some and said, “Ben discovered this without a single mechanical positional instruction with the exception of grip, posture, and awareness of when the left elbow should bend in the left handed backswing.”

The response from PGA pros or apprentices is almost always the same “Boy he is a Natural”. Nothing to take away from Ben. Ben is talented and I am a proud dad. However, these statements started to feel like a left handed compliment or even worse a little patronizing. It is almost as if these people can not fathom a method to discover a golf swing outside of the micro positional management method that hey have been indoctrinated into.

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