Bubba Watson, Copa America and Shaping Shots

Having been both a NCAA D1 soccer player as well as a high school soccer coach, I had the usual repertoire of shots, passes and goal kicks to my disposal.  On a goal kick, it was not uncommon for me to use a driving kick, lofted kick or bend one up the side lines either directly on some ones feet, head or into a space for the player to run onto.

All of the varieties of goal kicks not only required using different parts of your foot but the how the foot released  through the ball could vary greatly.

What on earth does this have to do with Bubba?


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ADH Without the D

There is an unnecessary discord between stakeholders in the ADHD realm that I feel is both disingenuous as well as hurts the goals of both sides.

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ADHD : Net Positive or Net Negative?

There are those in ADHD circles who fall in line with the Dr Russell Barclay assertion that there is no evidence that there are any gifts associated with ADHD.

Being a theoretical mathematician and trained logician I have serious issues with Dr Barkley’s perspective.

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