ADHD Quick Tip: STOP Emptying the Bucket

When we are at the range and our focus wanes, our ADHD brains look for other things to hold our interest.

If the bucket of balls is right in front of you and in plain sight, an ADHD golfer’s focus can shift to emptying the bucket as fast as possible.

Here are some strategies to cope with this situation:

  • After you have done your warm up drills place the bucket of balls behind your bag and out of sight.
  • Grab two balls and a different club you want to hit a SPECIFIC shot with.

Bucket of Balls

This method allows you to focus on hitting shots, to reset your focus with a new club and target and to walk into your tee box looking at the picture i.e. the goal. The second ball allows for “the second golfer” to have a go at it if the first shot goes awry.

Especially for the pre adolescent ADHD golfer, have the kid come to you for the golf balls. The kid can only get the two balls from you if they tell you the club they are going to select, the target they are going for and when they are able, shot shape.

Parents note:

The term “The Second Golfer” comes from amateurs who he a terrible tee shot out og bounds. They re-tee and the second tee shot always seems to go down the middle. Hence the term “the second golfer”