ADHD GiG Episode 22: Dead Tree Hugger

Hosts: Jose Kuhn, Shawn Clement

In this episode Shawn and I discuss, the path from anxiety to executing with total abandon, basic mindfulness for preadolescent ADHD kids, how Bubba could dominate with simply being aware of his tendencies and so much more.

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Show Notes

  • Ben Locked into the dead tree and BAM!!Youtube
  • Laddering Chip shot. When The edge of the tree is in the middle of your stance and the task is cutting a vine off a trunk, your head stays back and tremendous lag happens in swing. Otherwise the club head will not bounce back strait. YouTube
  • Ben doing the Lower Case Y ladder with a 60* wedge. Ben’s dad (me) interrupts Ben’s exploration when he should be more out of the way YouTube
  • Image from up our upcoming ibook Predictability in Golf: The Swing




Shawn Clement can be found at Wisdom in Golf.