People with ADHD learn differently. Of all sports, golf is the closest in being a one to one metaphor for life, work and school. The lessons learned in crafting interactional and play strategies have natural segues to life. By having conversations with a diverse group of ADHD stake holders such as golf instructors, golfers, educators, parents of ADHD children, and ADHD mental health professionals, ADHD Golf can provide methods for the ADHD golfer to discover an instinctive swing and love of the game.


The game of golf is a natural for those with ADHD. Golf is a game which includes a series of immediate consequences. It has been observed by noted sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella that ADHD golfers have minimal mechanical thoughts in their swings.

ADHD golf has partnered with Shawn Clement of Wisdom in Golf whose methods of discovering an instinctive golf swing are a perfect match for the ADHD golfer.

Pre Adolescent ADHD kids

Pre Adolescent ADHD kids have a difficult time. Their ADHD traits cause them to be fussed at, misunderstood and even bullied more than other “normal kids”. One of ADHD Golf’s main goals is to serve the parents and coaches of Pre Adolescent ADHD children with the tools necessary to allow their kids to discover a golf swing, love the game and have a haven from the negativity they encounter elsewhere in their lives.