ADHD Mental Saves: Self Praise

For an ADHD golfer finding joy in execution is an important part of building a reward system. Praise from other players, coaches and family members is a great way to find joy in both practice and during rounds.

The solo nature of a significant amount practices and rounds makes it difficult to get the necessary positive feedback from others that helps an ADHD golfer maintain interest and thus focus. Thus, the skill of self praise then comes into play.

When you hit a shot flush, soak in the feeling and celebrate it out load "Boy that felt great!!", "That felt totally effortless", "That was amazing rhythm", "Boy this is fun", "I cold do this all day" …etc

Caution note:

For many of you, praising distance “wow I just tagged that” can lead to chasing the reward of distance and thus you witness over the next few tee shots the “wheels fall of the wagon” with respect to your rhythm.


The key point is to say it out loud. It may be difficult to say your self praise out loud but it will pay huge dividends in the end. You can see with this video how Shawn Clement soaks in and gets REALY happy over wonderfully struck shot out of a divot.

From Shawn Clements Wisdom in Golf video Series.

The key points to what Shawn did with his self praise are:

  • He soaked in the feel of a positive out come.
  • He verbalized the praise.
  • He heard his verbalization of his praise.
  • He visually sees the positive outcome.
  • He attached a strong positive emotions to positive moment.


By doing this, Shawn has written in his brain at least 4 data streams all attached to a strong positive emotion. It is obvious that the memory of moment has much more significance in Shawn’s brain than someone who internalizes the self praise or even worse someone who is indifferent when executing "something you are supposed to do."

This might go against the grain of the stoic nature of the game, but you are playing and practicing to have joy in the process, aren’t you?

Tournament Note:

When playing in a tournament, if you tell the others in your group " When my swing feel great and generated the result I pictured, I soak it in and praise myself aloud. I am not trying to show anyone up. It simply helps me play better." most will be very accommodating.

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